5 tips and tricks to score 70+ marks in NTA UGC NET Exam

5 tips and tricks to score 70+ marks in NTA UGC NET Exam


UGC NET exam is around the corner and candidates preparing for the exam must be clamouring to give their preparation a final push. As paper I of the exam is common for all and consist of topics that are different than their domain specific subject a different strategy is required to score well in the exam. Don’t worry we got your back. Follow the below mentioned tips to score well.

UGC-NET Preparation tip-1: Analyse your Syllabus

Go through your syllabus and identify your weaker and strong areas. You have to identify the topics in which you are strong and the topics which you find difficult. You have to plan your different strategies according to your strength and weakness. Give more time to your weakness and make a habit of revision of all such topics.

UGC-NET Preparation tip-2: Analyse Previous Year Question Papers

Going through previous years’ question papers will help you to analyse the pattern of questions that are asked in the actual UGC-NET exam and their difficulty level. You have to check the frequency of concepts and questions that are repeated in the exams. You should be extra careful about such repetitive content of the syllabus. This is very important step of your UGC-NET preparation.

UGC-NET Preparation tip-3: Make Unit-wise preparation strategy

Once you have identified your strength and weakness in the syllabus and have gone through the previous year’s question papers, your next step is to make a unit-wise preparation strategy. You need to invest more time on important units having higher weightage in UGC-NET exam. The units which are less important should be covered later.

UGC-NET Preparation tip-4: Make Notes

When you start your unit-wise preparation with important topics, then you should make a habit of making notes right from the beginning. This will be of great help during the revision of the syllabus. All of your syllabi will be there in notes with which you can easily revise the topics even during traveling or during doing some other work.

UGC-NET Preparation tip-5: Attempt maximum practice questions

Your conceptual study should be evaluated with practice questions. When you study any theoretical concepts, you should always solve practice questions related to this topic. This will give you more ideas about the concept. You can know about the types of questions that are asked from the topic. This habit will increase your confidence and will also help you to solve questions in minimum time during the exam. Test series will also help you to learn time management skills.

UGC-NET Preparation tip-6: Revise your topics

When you start your preparation, you should revise the topic once in the same week. The next revision should be next week and the third revision should be next month. The last revision should be before the final UGC-NET exam. So, you should complete your syllabus well in advance to spare time for revision. If you do not manage time for syllabus revision, it will definitely hamper your UGC-NET preparation. NOT REVISED MEANS NOT PREPARED.

UGC-NET Preparation tip-7: Don’t Panic

You should be relaxed and confident during UGC-NET Exam preparation. This will help to learn and understand things faster. You will be able to memorize the concepts for a longer time if you stay calm and cool. Unnecessary tension will only increase your time to understand the concepts and will hamper your UGC-NET preparation. If you stay relaxed during all of your preparation time, there are more chances of being relaxed in the main exam too. Which can definitely give positive results in the UGC NET exam. So if you want to remain focused during UGC-NET exam preparation you should not panic at all.

So, in nutshell, if you want to crack UGC NET in 1st attempt, first, check your syllabus and then go through previous year’s question papers. Then make unit-wise notes, attempt maximum questions, and manage time to revise all the topics which you have prepared. Last but no least, don’t panic.

How to set a daily timetable for exam (NET) preparation.

  • Divide your syllabus into small sections and set a weekly target for it.
  • Must devote 2hr for Paper-1 revision.
  • Must attempt 1 previous year’s paper of Paper-1 each day.
  • 5–6 hours for revision for Paper – 2.
  • Must analyzed Previous Year Papers for Paper-2 as well.

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